Born in 1944 on the island of Burano, Venice, Vittorio Costantini started working with glass at the age of 11 when he undertook an apprenticeship at a local glass factory. Although at first just an after hours hobby, Vittorio established the craft of flame-working as his sole artistic focus, eventually opening his own workshop in Venice to pursue this passion.

Vittorio spends countless hours at the flame, manually constructing detailed insects, vibrant flowers, intricate fish and a host of other nature-inspired objects. With a pure fascination with the earth, the sea and all natural beauty that may be overlooked, he has created an intimate microcosm of miniature pieces of art.

Vittorio’s work has been exhibited in collections all over the world, including the Tacoma Museum of Glass, Washington, Public Glass Center for Glass Arts, San Francisco, the National Glass Museum of Leerdam, The Netherlands, Denizli Glass Festival, Turkey, Musee Beck-Sur-Mer, France, Museo dell’Arte Veneziana, Japan, to name a few. Moreover, Vittorio regularly performs flame-working demonstrations and teachings internationally.

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