Sara Moorhouse’s work explores the ways in which spaces within landscape appear altered depending on the ever-changing colours of season, weather, time and farming. The bowls act as a canvas for paintings that distil specific landscape scenes, perceptibly altering the size, depth and shape of the form by the applied colour. The forms can be made to seem wider or narrower, deeper or shallower, heavier or lighter, or they may appear to undulate, bend, move or hover by the juxtaposition of finer lines. The viewing of both inner and outer surfaces together enables her to exploit colour connections and visual play from one side to another, emphasising or flattening the dimensionality of the form.

The research has enabled me to develop a vocabulary of spatial colour knowledge specific to the three-dimensional bowl form, in which I have learnt to manipulate and articulate three-dimensional space to a much greater effect. After a long awaited continuation of my studio practice, I am now integrating the findings from my PhD with colourways and arrangements from my previous practice, for which my intuitive response to landscape scenes, colour and form, remain key objectives for my practice.

Price range: £300 - £10,000

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