Gregory Warren Wilson’s brilliantly colourful and innovative work in glass plays with the translucent nature of the material. Each piece is conceived on multiple layers – sometimes as many as six – and these layers allow light to interact with the glass spatially, penetrating the depths within each frame. The designs he makes sparkle and scintillate, and they appear to move as you look at them.

Warren Wilson’s work is, in part, sculptural. Each piece can only exist in three dimensions, and the glass interacts with the play of light spatially. His work invites the eye to exult in pure colour, and also to investigate the mysterious depths of the space that the designs inhabit within their bespoke frames.

Having lived for many years in Italy and Australia, light is crucial to his work as an artist. The tesserae he uses are hand-cut in Murano, and the irregularity of each unique piece enlivens the surface of his work, refracting light in ways that are eye-catching and unpredictable. Each of his designs is made with great precision so that the individual tesserae reflect and refract light in an extraordinary variety of ways.

Warren Wilson is a prize-winning poet. He has published five collections and was awarded an Arts Council Grant in 2008. A number of his glass designs take as their starting point a fragment of poetry. Over time, his visual response develops into a ‘correlative’, resulting in a glasswork that exists in its own right, while alluding, albeit obliquely, to the original literary source.

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