Dawn Bendick (b. 1977, USA) is an artist working with time, light and multitone glass based in the UK. Her project titled ‘Time Over Time’ considers how the changing properties of a material can signal the passage of time. She works with a combination of natural and artificial lights to trigger changes in the colour of this unusual and magical material. Her work is inspired by natural light and our intuitive ability to track time without technology. By tapping into our peripheral senses, she questions how we can bring awareness to the change in seasons, atmospheric light and weather.

Dawn’s making process includes drawing, mould making, cast dichroic glass and lighting plans. Her studio is a collaborative environment in which she works with a group of experts in the field of glass and lighting.

Bendick’s work has been covered by Elle Decor, DAMN magazine, FRAME, Wallpaper, étapes, and WWD(NYC). She has worked with artists and designers internationally on textiles, performances, and installations. Dawn currently resides in the UK with her partner and two young sons.

All works are cast in collaboration with Max Jacquard Glass Studio, UK

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