For Annie Turner, landscape is all important and the Suffolk countryside. More specifically the River Deben, where her family have lived for generations provides an important source of inspiration. It is from the Deben’s banks that Turner has collected fossilised sharks teeth, feathers and general flotsam and jetsam, which she uses in her sculptures to create ‘objects that trigger the memory’.

Her richly layered ‘meander bowls’, impressed with the fragments and detritus she has found on innumerable walks, are small in scale but encapsulate perfectly the broader landscape, while the texture and weather of this water land and the colour of the reflected sky are mirrored in the rich and varied textures of her sculptures.

Annie’s work has been widely exhibited around the world, including Galerie Handwerk in Munich, Galerie Helene Poree in Paris and at the European Triennial for Ceramics and Glass in Belgium. Annie’s work is collected by Museums and collectors internationally.

Joanna Bird has represented her work at COLLECT and SOFA NY since 2004.

Annie Turner portrait

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