Akiko Hirai was born in Japan March 1970. She initially studied cognitive psychology in Japan and obtained her degree in Bachelor of letters before coming to England. During her first visit to England to study English language, she was attracted by the English culture and complexity of multi cultural society in London. It made her aware of her own cultural influence in her visual perception. Her interests lead her to her second visit to England in 1999. She met many English potters and learned how to work with clay, soon after that she took a degree course in ceramics at the University of Westminster, then onto graduation from Central St. Martins. Since her graduation Akiko has worked in her studio in London, amongst other varying artists where she now practices her ceramic work.

Akiko makes a variety of wares, drawing from the Japanese tradition of allowing the clay to influence her in how she decorates and fires her work. The interaction between object and viewer enables the viewer to discover the language of her practice in their own way. Her unique approach to ceramics has been highly acclaimed, her work is much in demand internationally.

Image right by Dan Fontanelli

Akiko Hirai

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