Theis Lorentzen graduated from the Royal College of Art Ceramics and Glass MA in 2018. He holds a BA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in Bornholm, Denmark and has been exhibiting internationally since 2012.

Lorentzen’s practice engages with the nature of clay and qualities of process. In both the “Foreign” and “Remnant” series, gestures of mark and making are made evident and quietly magnified. They tell of a story on the relationship between the maker’s hand and the inherent voice and identity of the material: the journey and transformation from raw clay to fired ceramics. Lorentzen celebrates the beauty of chance and un-adornment, and intricacies of detail. He highlights a current collective cultural habit of speed and overlooking. His work seeks in the viewer to pause in light of fast paced disposability.

Theis Lorentzen

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