Sun Kim is a talented Korean ceramicist brought up in Brazil. She trained in Sao Paulo and New York City before moving to London to begin an assistanceship with Edmund de Waal. In 2007 she set up her own studio in London where she continues her practice. With such a diverse cultural upbringing, Sun Kim explores traditional and contemporary aesthetics within her work, producing a range of functional ware with a distinct visual language. The making process is a continual challenge, and her personal investigation into form, shape and volume. She says of her functional ceramics:

“My work is focused on a range of functional ware, I explore traditional and contemporary aesthetics. I use porcelain and stoneware as the main material to produce my work.
I am fascinated about how everyday objects can influence our cultural habits and create a relationship in someone’s life. For me, making is a continuous journey and an attempt to understand my present environment, and also my personal investigation into form, shape and volume.”

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