Nico Conti was born in Malta in 1992 and graduated in 2019 from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Ceramics and Glass. He completed his BA in Fine Arts from the Institute for the Creative Arts in Malta. He is a recipient of numerous awards including the Endeavour Scholarship, the Charlotte Fraser Award, Royal Overseas League Trophy Competition, and the FRANZ Rising Star Award. Conti has also been featured in Crafts Magazine’s “The Next Generation” issue and presented his 3D printed work to HRH, the Prince of Wales. Conti has been exhibited in London and throughout Europe.
Conti’s work is defined by intersecting technology with tradition, using a 3D printing machine to create delicate yet strong works in porcelain. This use of modern technology challenges how ceramics is fundamentally understood. There is an ease and sophistication to Conti’s forms, they present an exciting new wave to ceramics.
He explains, “I strive to bind my work with themes, which appear to run parallel to each other, something I have always been drawn to – the traditional and contemporary, stability and weakness, order and chaos. Each side has a little bit of the other; there are no clear-cut boundaries, and it is this overlap that I draw my inspiration from. To me, clay is not simply a material, but a tool that serves as a visual language that expresses my ideas.”
Conti continues to work in London.

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