Matt Sherratt holds a MA in Ceramics and Glass from the Royal College of Art 2004. He graduated from the Loughborough College of Art & Design in 1992 with a First Class BA Hons Degree in Ceramics. He has held artist residencies at the National Portrait Gallery and South Hill Park.

Sherratt’s practice explores questions of existence and holds dialogue on the tension between “nothingness” and “something”. From his work, the viewer’s eye waltzes on the edge of form and surface, space and void. It is a playful dance of worlds—as portals into ethereal openness and unbounding of imagination.

Each piece is an absorption and reflection of light. Sherratt uses a combination of surface treatments including lustre glaze and terra-sigillata to create the interactive drama and personality of colour, light, and form.

Matt Sherratt

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