Eiko studied at the Tekisui Museum Ceramic Institute and Kyoto Seika University. She exhibits throughout Japan and internationally. Other notable exhibitions include one-person show at the Minneapolis Institute of Art while teaching at the Northern Clay Center.

Her contemporary ceramic work is meticulously carved and tooled, scoring fine lines into the surface with a needle. Eiko then inlays small fragments of colored clays applied in a highly time-consuming mosaic-like technique (saiseki zōgan). The sculptural end result resembles a stone-like surface until examined closely, when the vibrancy of the mosaic inlay can be fully appreciated.

From start to finish this process can take up to three months. Rather than being a disadvantage – Eiko works on several pieces in parallel – this gives her the time to think and reflect on what she is doing and to make changes and adjustments as the work progresses. In this way there is a continuous dialogue between the maker and her forms, each finished work being the product not of a preconceived idea but of an evolutionary process whose direction she cannot and does not try to anticipate.

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