Oughtibridge has been producing large scale sculptural ceramics since graduating from the RCA in 2001. He currently lives and work in Holmfirth and has a studio at the Sculpture Lounge Studios.

All of Outibridge’s work is handbuilt using slab construction with work ranging from small scale through to monumental forms. Surface texture, lines and mark making are all incorporated into the slabs during the building process to create a greater sense of movement. Departing from the almost exclusive use of black and white clay in previous work Outibridge’s sculptures have begun to explore a broader range of colours, including charcoal grey, umber tones and have further developed surface texture and incised lines.

Most recently he was commissioned to create pieces for the Presidential suite of the Grosvenor hotel and in 2015 for the James Bond Film Series,the Spectre.

James Oughtibridge

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