Bruno Romanelli is a London based artist specialising in the ancient techniques of lost-wax glass casting to create limited edition, ultra modern works.

Bruno made his name creating unique figurative sculptures, but more recently has gone on to produce stunning abstract forms that combine themes of geometry, nature, light, symmetry and colour into elegant sculptural forms.

Each piece can take from four weeks to four months to create, undergoing many processes along the way, truly fitting the description ‘labour of love’. With a well appointed foundry in South London, Bruno also takes on commissioned work, most notably producing the ‘Rising Star’ glass trophy for BAFTA’s televised award ceremony each year for the past decade.

The circle is a symbol of wholeness, of unity, of one and of all. It is the most fundamental and universal of shapes. It symbolises life and the continuum of the lifecycle. The circle is at the heart of all my current work and it is there that each piece begins its life, born out of this one single shape to become complex pieces made up of many parts”

Bruno Romanelli in the studio

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