Angela is inspired by form and composition and creates functional silver pieces that are also sculptural. Angela’s distinctive style is a striking aesthetic of crisp, clean lines and proportions, paired with contrasting surfaces. Whilst her designs are contemporary, she uses age-old traditional silversmithing techniques to make her designs.

Angela’s commissions include: A Quincentennial Salt for Corpus Christi College, Oxford; A Prime Warden commission for the Goldsmiths’ Company; beaker for New College, Oxford; Sir Joseph Larmor’s Plate for St John’s College Cambridge and trophies for the Financial Times. Works in public collections include: the Goldsmith’s Company, The National Museum of Wales and the Birmingham Museum and City Art Gallery.

Born in the UK in 1973, Angela studied at Glasgow School of Art, Bishopsland Educational Trust and at the Royal College of Art. She set up her studio on 2002, in Kingsgate Workshops, an old labyrinthine Victorian Factory in London.

Angela Cork with Joanna Bird

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