Born and raised in the Midwestern part of the United States, Amy West, has studied, worked and lived on four continents.  Now based on the Venetian island of Murano Amy brings a contemporary touch to a traditional craft, specializing in the engraving and carving of Murano glass.

Amy’s diverse interests and research manifests in her creations and collections. With a concept in mind she molds glass beads at the torch in a manner that brings color to the surface, catches and diffuses light through layers of glass to reveal the anima of an encased bead. Her inspiration has been absorbed from the stories and lives of artists, historical sources as well as impressions from nature that seek expression. Her jewelry is of the most intimate in forms of assertion and sensitivity, not limited to the feminine world.

When not working on a new collection, she also enjoys creating jewellery to commission for a client. Amy is an expert at matching colour and creating stunning designs for any occasion.

Amy West Designs in the Studio

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