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Heat and Dust

Joanna is delighted to announce her new exhibition, Heat and Dust, taking place at Grove Park Terrace from Wednesday 19 November to Sunday 30 November, open 10am – 5.30pm (including Saturdays, closed Sunday 23 November) with late night openings on Thursday 20 and Thursday 27 to 9pm.

Joanna visited India earlier this year to source exotic new textiles and other craft products from artisans working in Chennai, Pondicherry and Jaipur. The result is an exhibition that conveys the rich and varied atmosphere of the country, showcasing the finest Indian hand-crafts and beautiful new contemporary ceramics and glass.

Finely woven silk saris, cashmere shawls and pashminas in a range of vibrant colours and traditional patterns will be complemented by the bright glazes and sculptural forms of work from both established and emerging artists.

Pippin Drysdale explores a range of colours from Violet to Crimson to Ochre to enliven her unique porcelian forms. Sara Moorhouse and Natasha Daintry will provide their take on the vessel in an equally dazzling array of colours directly inspired by the craft textiles in the show.

Ceramics from Clive Bowen, Richard Batterham and Kaori Tatebayashi demonstrate the beauty of functional form whilst Thiebault Chagué’s powerful sculptures speak of the immediate relationship between earth and fire.  

Chien Wei Chang’s silver work responds to objects in everyday use in India, bringing a fresh view on a country that is undergoing rapid change.

The show will also feature ceramics by Sara Dodd and Emma Finch, and new work in glass from Juli Bolaños-Durman.


Chien-Wei Chang - Clive Bowen - Natasha Daintry - Pippin Drysdale - Thiébaut Chagué - Juli Bolaños-Durman - Kaori Tatebayashi

Also Featuring:
Sara Dodd - Emma Finch - Sally Fawkes - Sara Moorhouse

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bowen jugs.jpgNatasha Daintry \'seeing more red\' 2a450.jpgplayingyelandpurp450.jpgPippin DrysdaleLR 450.jpgW-Hidden_Secrets_2014_20140128_1050_800px.jpgKakaduBurn_FireTraces crop.jpgbrittle light new close.jpg
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