Fluted bowlFluted bowl

Inner surface incised with sweeping patterns and finished with a celadon glaze

Circa 1950


Materials: Porcelain

Dimensions: D 18.5cm x H 9.5cm

Griffon tileGriffon tile

Materials: Stoneware

Pilgrim dishPilgrim dish

The wax-resist design of a pilgrim and mountains with tenmoku glaze,

Impressed BL and St. Ives seals

Materials: Stoneware

Dimensions: D 32.5cm

Tree of Life tileTree of Life tile

Tree of Life

An iconic image of the Symbol of Life: Tree of Knowledge, biblical reference, also the William Blake dream of Paradise. Tree supporting life.

Bernard Leach drew on the inspiration of this theme many times. His drawing is always instantly recognisable and during his life he made pots, tiles, fire screens all with this image.