Italian born artist Fausto Salvi started his ceramic career in 1965 when he attended the Institute of Ceramic Art in Faenza. Since then his work has developed and grown through a range of artist-in-residence programmes at prestigious institutions worldwide including sites in Europe, USA, Korea, India and Japan. During these residencies Salvi drew inspiration from the new environments that he encountered and used them as an opportunity to study different creative styles to find new ways to interpreting the ceramic medium. Through traveling and the continued investigation of different cultures Salvi has enriched the language of his work, engaging with the cultural, social and political agendas around him.

Working with the decorating technique of majolica, often on a large scale or with installation pieces, Salvi uses this technique to create a dialogue between traditional and contemporary styles.

Salvi exhibited with collective and solo shows across Europe, USA, South America, Japan and Korea. His work is included in both private and public collections.

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